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If you’re ready to empower yourself, improve your health, and feel like yourself again – then I truly believe nutritional therapy is right for you! 1:1 sessions and programs are ideal for those seeking personalized recommendations and support while implementing diet and lifestyle changes.


Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain weight, get your energy back, balance your hormones, or resolve digestive discomfort, my holistic approach to nutrition can get you back on track to feeling your best and living a healthier and happier life.

I offer the following sessions:

  • Complimentary Consultation (Free) - 20 MIN

  • Initial Consultaltion - 2 HRS

  • Follow-up Session - 1 HR

what’s included?


A questionnaire that analyzes your current symptoms and gives us a baseline to establish goals and measure results against.


A food journal over a minimum of 3 consecutive days to guide customized food, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations.


A series of palpations and other tests (such as pulse, blood pressure, saliva pH, adrenal strength, mineral balance, etc.) to identify specific areas of nutritional weaknesses or imbalances.


A simple and effective biofeedback technique that guides supplement recommendations.


Access to me via email in between sessions for encouragement, support, questions, and more throughout the duration of our time together.


schedule a consultation

Want to see if a 1:1 session is right for you? I offer a free 20 minute consultation – we can meet in-person or hop on a phone call or FaceTime. During the consultation, I will describe in more detail about what I do, allow you to briefly summarize your health history, and explain how nutritional therapy can help you.